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Polymorph, established in 2000, provides IT based solutions. Our Maritime division provides maritime domain awareness and information sharing tools to both the military and other organisations in the maritime sector. Our clients include EU NAVFOR where our Mercury product has been deployed to help combat piracy in the Gulf of Aden since 2009.

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On the 8th April 2017 the master of MV OS-35 cargo ship issued a mayday alert to the Naval forces confirming his ship had been boarded by armed pirates. The Naval forces immediately issued a navigation alert to all merchant shipping using Polymorph’s Vessel Registration and Alert tool (MSCHOA), warning them of the attack and began using Polymorphs secure communication tool (Mercury) to coordinate warships from the Combined Maritime Forces, the Chinese PLA Navy and the Indian Navy, resulting in the Chinese PLA Navy boarding the MV OS-35, arresting the pirates and freeing the crew. Without doubt Polymorph’s systems and services have saved lives.

MSCHOA Director

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