Common understanding between multiple organisations

Polymorph working with EU CRIMARIO at the Seychelles anti-piracy unit with various regional stakeholders

Maritime security is a global problem where some of the best results come from multi-agency co-ordination and information / knowledge sharing initiatives. Polymorph’s maritime division provides secure maritime domain awareness and information sharing tools to both the military and other organisations in the maritime sector.

Where groups of countries or organisations/agencies need to share information in a secure manner, our platform could be the solution.  We have a proven track record of enhanced collaboration through projects such as MERCURY for EU NAVFOR where our system is being used by EU NAVFOR, NATO, Interpol, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Djibouti and so on - all collaborating together and sharing information and knowledge working towards common objectives.

Please contact us for a demonstration of our platform and to talk through how we may help you achieve your collaboration goals.