Maritime specific tools including nautical mapping features

Mapping features

 Our comprehensive mapping features enables the community to:

  • Plot incidents such as:
    • Illegal fishing activities
    • Theft, Robbery and Piracy at Sea (TRAPS)
    • Oil spills
    • Maritime terrorism
    • Smuggling arms, drugs and contraband
    • Maritime natural events
    • Human smuggling and illegal immigration by sea
  • Show vessel information including range indicators
  • Overlay nautical maps
  • Create polygon shapes and show these over a time-frame (e.g. showing an oil spill and how it changes over a time period)
  • Integrate AIS data
  • Export/Import data in various formats

Chat and document sharing

  • Presence awareness, private and group chats with real time updates
  • Document sharing
  • Custom forms builder and form submission management to gather structured data from users
  • Custom workflow tools

Autonomous training platform

  • Separate training platform with 'autonomous' (pre-configured and on set timers) incident creation, chats, map point plotting etc

Collectively, these tools provide a comprehensive platform for sharing maritime information and incident focused collaboration.

Comprehensive geo-mapping tools